Dear family and friends,
As you know, I am really enjoying playing football at ADO Den Haag Vrouwen (Women). Women’s football is definitely on the rise but playing and training at the highest performance level for girls unfortunately still comes with a substantial own financial cost.
This coming Easter weekend, I will have the opportunity to participate in a prestigious international football tournament in Madrid. Among others, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Olympique Lyonnais and Atletico Madrid will compete for the win. The Youth Academy of ADO Den Haag Vrouwen is very keen to participate in this, for me personally it is a dream that may come true. In order to make this happen, ADO Den Haag Vrouwen has set up a ‘hoodie campaign’.
If you want to be my personal sponsor, your name will be printed on the back of my hoodie. This makes your name visible so you will accompany me during the whole tournament.
The back of the hoodie has space for 50 names. Each number corresponds to a sponsor amount (i.e. number 1 = € 1, number 21 = € 21, etc.). If you want to donate, please choose the number of the amount you wish to donate. Each number gives room for 1 name. Please leave your details below. I will send a ‘tikkie’ later to receive your sponsorship donation and make sure your name will be on the hoodie.
Your company can also join with a corporate sponsorhsip. The hoodie has room for company logos on the front. So, please hurry: first come first serve! Printing your logo with a size of 100x70mm costs € 300 (not subject to VAT).
Scroll down to fill in the information for business sponsors. I will provide an invoice and ensure your company logo to be nicely placed on the hoodie. I am super happy if you want to help me and my team and fulfill our dream.
Thank you very much!